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Be a Vivahamitra member and find a devotee partner. There are issues such as age, location, caste, income and most importantly compatibility. Therefore it is truly inspiring to see that the Krishna Marriage Team has come together and now launch this tremendous marriage networking facility. I’m 32 years old and looking to marry a devotee husband. Plans for expansion include inviting qualified couples from other ISKCON centres around the UK to join the team and represent devotees from their own communities. I don’t have major demands but I am looking to have a family. In case you are not interested in children, we are not good match. I am looking for mutual compatibility and attraction.

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Our events are special and are held in a unique format. Conferences, club meetings exclusive to members, one to one meetings, matchmaking platforms.

She is reincarnation of Goddess Radhika. Vishnupriya was born to Sanatan Mishra of Nabadwip. After the death of Lakshmipriya from the effects of a snakebite Chaitanya Mahaprabhu ‘s mother Saci Devi requested him to marry Vishnupriya. According to caste, Sanatana Misra was situated in a higher social position, and so might not agree to the wedding.

Saci was concerned that Sanatana Misra, who was higher in social position would refuse to marry his daughter to Nimai Pandita, the son of poor parents, and who had a reputation as an eccentric. When Sacimata submitted the proposal to the matchmaker, he was highly pleased. When she told him she was worried whether or not Sanatana Misra would accept the idea, she said:. In , at the age of 24 Chaitanya Mahaprabhu became a Sanyasi , left home and also Vishnupriya.

She is eternal companion of Sri Gauranga Mahaprabhu. She is the direct manifestation of Mahalaxmi Radha to help Gauranga Mahaprabhu in distributing love which is the most important wealth premdhan. When she was in her wealthy mood Aishwarya Vaab she was Laxmipriya which have been transformed into Vishnupriya when she was in her love-devotion mood Prem vakti vaab due to Mahapravu’s will and thus named Vishnupriya that is beloved of Vishnu.

And some texts refers that in Sri Krsna lila, she appeared as Satyabhama that is incarnation of her Bhu form, the daughter of King Satrajit. Satyabhama was married to Sri Krsna and was one of the principle queen of Sri Krsna. Sri Krsna in His Narayan form or Vishnu tattva form has His divine Shakti Radha Mahalakshmiji who herself manifested into 3 potencies — Sri laxmi her divine valuables , Bhu laxmi the Goddess of Earth in which she representes fertility and patience , and Nila laxmi the Goddess of pastimes.

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A psychedelic drone pierces through ancient Kasthamandap and out into Basantapur Durbar Square. Receiving Dev Anand in the visiting room of the Narayanhiti Royal Palace, King Mahendra not only approved of the new film concept graciously, but took a strong personal interest to see it develop instantly by inviting the actor to complete the script in Pokhara.

It is very quiet and peaceful there, good for your type of work. He will know where to take you, and when. Over the next few days, Karthak saw the cameramen, cast and crew going about as, Dev Anand, speaking a mix of Hindi and English, hollered instructions, waving his hand, his head tilted, a bright silk scarf tied around his neck, with a cap at a rakish angle—all in his iconic style.

It was a colossal project.

By the will of providence, a matchmaker whose name was Vanamali, visited the residence of Saci If Krishna were satisfied with me or if the Goddess of Fortune were pleased with my Sugandhi chandan mala ati manohare.

In Vedic culture, much is made about the need to get a daughter married off to a suitable boy when she reaches an appropriate age. It is the duty of every father to provide full and complete protection to his daughter. Though the daughter only lives with the father in her youth, it remains his duty to ensure that the girl is protected in married life.

If an unmarried boy is devoted to Krishna, he will surely be blessed with a suitable wife should he choose to get married. In the Vedic system, marriage is an optional institution. The point of human life is to know and love God, and this is achieved through progressing through the four ashramas of life: brahmacharya , grihastha , vanaprastha , and sannyasa. Married householder life, grihastha, is the second ashrama in this progression. It is considered a great benefit to avoid marriage since sex life is considered the greatest hindrance to the cultivation of spiritual knowledge.

Still, most brahmacharis do end up getting married. In these instances, it is the duty of the father of the boy to find a suitable girl. In the Vedic system, the qualities of both the boy and girl are matched up by expert brahmanas. The famous Savitri, daughter of Ashvapati, had the rare option of choosing her own husband. The boy she chose, Satyavana, was a perfect match as far as qualities were concerned; however, he was destined to die within a year of their marriage.

This was known to the great Narada Muni, an expert brahmana in his own right.

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Is it compulsory for a man and a woman to have more than 18 gun common in their kundli, for their happy married life? Usually astrologer should not only depend on computer programs but should have sensitivity and knowledge also. Hare Krishna.. Approaching a knowledgeable and experienced devotee astrologer is definitely a good idea Apart from that, it is also very important for the couples to have mutual understanding Astrological match, Guru Maharaj’s blessings and devotees’ prayers can protect your marriage but whether the marriage is a success or failure Both have to be accountable Both have to be tolerant, considerate and should not have any personal agenda on their marriage Otherwise, it can be sweet for sometimes but will turn out to be very bitter

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You choose who to whom you reveal your photos, identity and contact details. Members must display spiritual references, and soon there will be verification. Stay safe – soon you will be able to block other members or report misuse. The first common global platform for devotees and matchmakers – meaning greater choice for you. Every profile has at least one photo. Incomplete profiles are not visible on DevoteeMatch.

When I came to Krsna consciousness fifteen years ago, the process seemed very simple to me: “Chant Hare Krishna and be happy.”. However, in due course.

Published on February 23rd, by Madhudvisa dasa Full size image. We understand that Krishna is the source of everything and that everyone is part and parcel of Krishna, so if we satisfy Krishna everyone, including ourselves, will be satisfied. We do not have our own opinion, we have to present the knowledge as it is coming down from Krishna through our spiritual master His Divine Grace A. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada.

It is like watering a tree. If you want to nourish the whole tree, all the branches, leaves, flowers, etc. So if we simply satisfy Krishna, the root of the entire creation, then everyone, including ourselves, will be satisfied.

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About Us. Hub News. Watch our movie. For more than 20 years, we have been inspiring partnerships and fostering relationships among leaders in the Real Estate and Infrastructure sectors. We contribute to business and economic development in the 4 continents in which we are present. See if you fit the criteria to become a member.

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